Representing an array of both burgeoning and seasoned authors, singer/songwriters, models, photographers, media personalities, magazines, entertainment companies and more, JSW Media is as diverse as the client base it serves. Jameka S. Whitten, founder and principal publicist, has extensive experience in working with a host of artists and furthering their careers to new and exciting heights. JSW Media Group serves as the perfect interface for its clients to ensure the best exposure to a fan base that spans the globe. JSW Media upholds a standard that includes a strong regard for professionalism, a flawless work ethic and unquestionable integrity in all current and future endeavors.

Simply put, our clients represent the best in their respective areas of expertise.


5th & York

Brittney Q. Hill

Carlos V. Davis

Boris 'Bluz' Rogers

Special Ed

Keith Cradle

Chef Joya

Mason Parker

Mercury Carter

Rudy Currence

Dartanyon A Williams Redemption

Dartanyon A. Williams

Christine Edwards

Krystle A. Pierre

Jason Jet

Candice Rushing


Amelie's French Bakery

Crafted With Cradle

Real Talk Counseling

Charlotte Professional Networking Week