Network, or Die?

Network or Die

Entrepreneur and professional speaker Carlos V. Davis takes the art of networking quite seriously. So seriously in fact that his new line of t-shirts has the slogan “Network or Die’ front and center.

Network or Die

Davis who is known online as “Mr. Resource Mogul” (@mrresourcemogul)  is an expert connector and networking guru. His company, Stand and Deliver, LLC provides professional development for executives, working  professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners that equips them for unparalleled success.  Since teaching and facilitating networking is a key cornerstone to what Davis is all about, he has extended his unique and notable brand by creating a boutique apparel line that embodies his mission. Remember, networking is serious business and with these shirts, Davis won’t let you forget just how important networking really is to both your personal brand and your business. 

You can pick up your own  at

Photo credit: Chuck Holliday