Mathnasium, one of the nation’s premier educational resources for student learning, is now offering face-to-face, expert instruction so kids can learn math from the comfort of their own homes. Mathnasium@home features the same experience with highly trained instructors using the Mathnasium Method™ just as they do in the learning centers—but live on the web. Mathnasium provides effective and engaging supplementary math programs for community children in grades 2 through 12 with locations throughout the major greater metropolitan areas in North Carolina.

“Mathnasium@home began as a way to serve customers whose busy schedules make it difficult to bring their children into the centers consistently,” says Mathnasium President David Ullendorff. “But given current concerns about public health issues and school closures, we thought it was important to accelerate the rollout of our Mathnasium Method™ live from remote locations.

Just like at our learning centers, students attend their live sessions an average of two to three times per week to work on a personalized learning plan.

“Three years of pilot testing with thousands of students demonstrated that Mathnasium@home gives our students all the benefits of our in-center learning sessions,” explains Ullendorff, “so we’ve worked to accommodate both our customers and their communities as quickly as possible.”

The cost of Mathnasium@home is the same as traditional center enrollment, and anyone with an internet connection can take advantage of the service. Both in its centers and online, Mathnasium students boost their grades and scores, learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and gain self-confidence, transforming their understanding and appreciation of mathematics.

To learn more about Mathnasium@home, go to and type in your zip code for your local center. For all media inquiries and interview requests, call Jameka Whitten at 704.965.3297 or via email at Center directors are available for remote interviews via phone or video conferencing.

About Mathnasium 

North America’s leading math-only supplemental education franchise, Mathnasium teaches math so that children understand it, master it, and love it. The result of 40+ years of hands-on instruction and research, the Mathnasium Method™ has transformed the lives of children in grades 2-12 since 2002. With more than 1,000 learning centers worldwide, Mathnasium is ranked No. 2 in Forbes’ “Best Franchises to Buy” in the U.S. in 2019. For more information, visit



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