Mathnasium provides premium math-only supplemental education for children in grades 2 through 12 with locations throughout the United States including right here in North Carolina. With Governor Cooper’s stay at home mandate in effect and parents now balancing working from home while homeschooling, Mathnasium centers across the state have launched to equip parents with a variety of free resources to help their kids with their math coursework. This is an unprecedented and difficult time for everyone, and Mathnasium is doing its part to provide much-needed assistance as both parents and students adjust to this new normal. 

At, instructional videos that are in a range of a variety of topics are available to the community free of charge. There are short supplementary videos for elementary, middle, and high school students covering the unit circle, polygons, percents and more.

Additionally, several of the centers in the Raleigh area are offering live, 90-minute seminars twice a week over Zoom for current Mathnasium students—and as an added bonus those centers are uploading the recordings to and making them available for everyone to access for free.

Seminar Topics include:

  • Common Core 1, 2, and 3 (functions, vectors, trigonometry, systems of equations, exponentials, solving quadratic equations, adding and subtracting rational equations, and trigonometric identities and proofs)
  • Precalculus

The site also has videos that present solutions to 2019’s North Carolina End of Grade exams for elementary and middle school. When students practice these exams, they can review what they have learned so far during this school year.

For students who may need more personalized math instruction and homework help, parents can enroll their kids into Mathnasium’s new program, Mathnasium@home. The program mimics the in-center experience by still allowing students to attend their live sessions an average of two to three times per week to work on a personalized learning plan. The only difference is that it is now in an online, virtual environment from the comfort of home. The cost of Mathnasium@home is the same as traditional center enrollment, and anyone with an internet connection can take advantage of the service.

For all media inquiries and interview requests, call Jameka Whitten at 704.965.3297 or via email at Center directors and instructors are available for remote interviews via phone or video conferencing.

About Mathnasium 

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