Ending 2019 with a bang…and plan!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing day thus far and are looking forward crushing your goals in the final weeks of 2019. Over the past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to best streamline and maximize time in 2020. JSW Owner Jameka Whitten and I always discuss and talk about effective team building and efficient meeting strategies on our Sips and Tips show. For those that tune in on Suite 929, you know we always have a dope time. Here are some quick tips that you can use as you get ready for the new year and new business.


A plan is power: make sure you have clear goals and objectives for the team you wish build.

Continuing education is key: teams are fluid, as they grow, they must consistently stay cutting edge and developed.

Communicate, above else: teams are relationship based, and the best relationships have honest/transparent communication

Growing involves grading: reflection for the team and self-help the team thrive.


Have an agenda!

Invite the necessary people

Document the meeting

Have a start and ending time

Unless the meeting is virtual and requires technology, ban distractions such as phones, tablets, etc…

Starting or maintaining a nonprofit/small business is a lot of work. By following tried and true strategies that focus on success, you can make it a bit easier. Determine what size team you need based on your resources, scope and capacity. Make meetings fun and productive. And remember, JSW is here to help. Contact us here or find us on IG, FB or Twitter, so you can find out when the next installment of Sips and Tips will be.


Keith Cradle, PhD. [@keithcradlephd on IG/Twitter] www.keithcradle.com