The Official Launch of Fashion Friday

For Immediate Release

Contact: Elise Harwood

JSW Media Group



The Launch of Fashion Friday Will Bring an Evolution to

The Fashion Community Like Never Seen Before:



Charlotte, NC – February 9, 2009 – The fusion of couture designers, models, photographers and the latest trends will occur with the recent launch of Fashion Friday, a company that provides niche marketing for boutiques and independent designers and will host a series of events, each with a focus on separate components of the fashion industry.


Fashion Friday’s goal is to effectively bridge the gap between the boutiques and designers through event production, internet marketing tactics and proven public relation strategies. In addition to this, Fashion Friday provides everyday consumers and fashion junkies the world over with riveting “edutainment” about what is going on in the industry via blogging and interactive workshops.


Dany Eason, Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Marketing for Fashion Friday, exclaims “we are extremely excited about the launch of Fashion Friday and what it means not only for the North Carolina fashion community, but the entire Southeast region.” He continues, “This has the potential to be a spectacular opportunity for consumers and fashion professionals alike.”


The array of events being produced by Fashion Friday during 2009 include Fashion Friday Go-Sees, with focus on the models; Fashion Friday Photo Lounge, with focus on the photographers; Fashion Friday Snippets, with focus on independent designers; Fashion Friday Rips It, with focus on local bands and solo artists; Fashion Friday Bazaar, a monthly workshop series; and the quarterly Fashion Friday events, each highlighted by a major brand. This year’s Fashion Friday events will feature the designs of Christian Audigier, Laguna Beach, Rock & Republic and Affliction.  Fashion Friday’s Christian Audigier show is scheduled for March 27, 2009 at 10 p.m.


L.A. East Boutique, who was the host of one of the 2008 Fashion Friday events, is the title sponsor for the Fashion Friday entity for the entire 2009 calendar. KISS Ultra Lounge in Charlotte, NC is the sponsor location.


For more information about Fashion Friday and upcoming events, visit the Fashion Friday website at or contact Dany Eason, Director of Strategic Marketing, at 704-615-7102 or

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