Stop Being Single Now! Relationship Classes That Produce Results

Are you single and ready to take a positive move toward a healthy, loving relationship? Are you sick of the monotony of the dating game?  Dr. Dar, who is a licensed and certified relationship and life coach, spiritual counselor and founder of Relationship Success Source, can help you make that next step towards romantic bliss with her fall teleseminar series. This series is for Singles who want to find love and Couples who are dating and want to know if they are right for each other—or not.  Beginning September 2010, the following courses will be available:

Stop Being Single Now:  The Stop Being Single Now course focuses on helping you become ready for and attract your soul mate. You will be guided through the important steps of learning the skills and tools needed to find your life partner and create a successful and fulfilling committed relationship. Being clear about who you are along with what you want and need to be happy and fulfilled is the key to finding the love of your life.  This eight-week workshop runs Saturdays, September 11 through October 30, 2010 from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. E.S.T.

Attracting The Love of Your Life:  After completing the Stop Being Single Now program, Singles will be ready to enter the Attraction stage of conscious dating.  During this period, students date and assess those dates to determine whether they have the potential to become a great match. This class shows singles how develop a comprehensive plan and strategies for attracting the ideal mate. This four-week course runs Saturdays, November 6 through December 4, 2010 (excluding November 27) from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. E.S.T.

The classes are designed to give singles the essential tools to help them towards their goals of finding love and happiness.  Each course is delivered conveniently as a teleseminar—all you need is a telephone and internet access.   For a full course schedule, to register or to schedule a private session, visit Dr. Dar online at For bookings, personal appearances and interview requests, contact Jameka Whitten at 704.826.5012  or

About Dr. Dar
Author of “The Seven Keys to Healthy Relationships” and “Law of Attraction Made Simple,” Dr. Dar has released several e-books and coached hundreds of couples on how to move past relationship woes and take positive action steps to rebuilding communication and intimacy. With weekly appearances on Fox News Rising as the featured relationship expert along with the release of her newest book “Stop Being Single Now,” Dr. Dar is taking her message to the masses and making a name for herself as the Carolinas’ Premier Relationship Expert. With more than a decade of practical experience, Dr. Dar also provides “Divorce Stopr,” intensive yet discreet counseling for couples on the brink of divorce, right in the comfort of their own home.

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