ICYMI: Shared Interest in Partnership with NYU Hosted a Digital Discussion about Global Intersectionality, Solidarity and Social Movements

Global intersectionality solidarity social movements

Today Shared Interest in partnership NYU’s Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation (NYUOGI) hosted a Digital Discussion About Global Intersectionality, Solidarity and Social Movements. This exciting panel included Frances Kuo (Correspondent and Producer for China Global Television Network -CGTN) and Charles Coleman, Jr. (Civil Rights Attorney, Legal Analyst for CNN, MSNBC, TYT, Sirius XM and will be moderated by Monroe France, Associate Vice President for Global Engagement and Inclusive Leadership at NYUOGI. Take a look at the video below.

This is one of the events leading up to Shared Interest’s 27th Anniversary Virtual Gala on June 15. Tickets are currently on sale and donations are welcomed. Visit https://www.sharedinterest.org/27thanniversarygala to learn more and to register today.

About Shared Interest

In 1994, Shared Interest set out to unlock South Africa’s wealth to benefit the majority of the country’s people. Although political power had changed hands in South Africa, economic power had not. We launched a non-profit social investment fund to mobilize the resources for Southern Africa’s economically marginalized Black communities by moving banks to lend to them.  Our loan guarantees and technical assistance allow smallholder farmers and emerging entrepreneurs to access the credit, markets, and training they need to create sustainable livelihoods for their families and communities. 

Our model generates a leverage effect that multiplies our capital’s impact: since our founding, we have also placed $28 million of guarantees, unlocking $121 million in loans benefitting more than 3 million people, and never lost a cent of an investor’s interest or principal. Shared Interest has also helped create more than 180,000 new small and micro-enterprises, 1.9 million jobs, and 120,000 affordable homes. Building on our successful South African model, we have expanded to Eswatini, Mozambique, Malawi and are now beginning operations in Zambia and Tanzania. For more information, please visit www.sharedinterest.org.