Before You Hire a Publicist, Ask Yourself These Four Questions

Publicist at work

So you think you need a publicist, huh?

So you are thinking about getting a publicist. Many businesses believe they need representation the right way, but not so fast. You need to ask yourself several things that will help you determine if and when it’s time to hire an agency.   

Before you make that move, do a business check and ask yourself these four questions. 

Do You Know What a Publicist Does? 

This question might be obvious, but many people don’t have a basic understanding of what public relations does for a business. So first, educate yourself on exactly what they do. It will give you a clear understanding of how PR can specifically help yours. Without this, your expectations may be off.  

Can You Easily Define Your Mission and Business Goals?  

If you want proper representation, you need to know your business’ purpose way before a publicist gets involved. Without a plan, your agency will not know how to help you. You to show them a clear view of your why and expectations for the future.  

Do you have a PR Budget?  

Hiring a firm is a business investment. Therefore, you want to be prepared and confident about these expenses. Review your finances to make sure this is doable.  

Do you have the capacity to work with an agency? 

Working with a publicist or PR professional will require you to dedicate time for collaborations, interviews, press releases, and other pr tasks. Consider them an extension of your team for a good working relationship.  

The thought of needing a publicist is a step in the right direction. It shows you are considering positive ways to help your business thrive. Whether you have determined you still need representation now or later.  

Use these questions to keep you aware of your business needs. And if you are ready, you can schedule some time to chat with us about your needs. The JSW Team is always ready and willing to help.