Amélie’s French Bakery & Café partners with the Sugarrmann to bring vegan croissants to NoDa

Vegan Croissants

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café is excited to announce a delicious new partnership with award-winning pastry chef, Chef Sadruddin Abdullah, better known online as Sugarrmann. This partnership will bring plant-based goodness to the NoDa bakery location and make customers, vegan and non-vegan alike, exclaim “this can’t be vegan!”

Chef Abdullah and his wife and business partner, Chef Mahmuda, who are behind Café Ganache and the first-ever Kronut Food Truck, have created the impossible – a buttery delicious croissant that is 100% vegan. Starting on Christmas Day, these croissants will be sold at the NoDa location with additional products to be offered in the future. 

“The process for creating the vegan croissant starts with the belief and commitment that it can be done,” said Chef Abdullah. “With that said, the technique of making croissants is standard, and we mainly concentrated on the ingredients and their function in the baking process. First, we identified the ingredients in the croissant that were not plant-based and animal-based, for example, butter. We had to find a suitable, plant-based replacement for the butter. The same is true with the eggs and milk. Then you proof and bake, compare and take notes, all the time being careful not to think you’re the boss.”

The croissants feature crunchy flakey layers, toasted crisp edges, and a lighter than air texture. 

“The number one request we as a company have received from our customers is to have more vegan pastries, especially the elusive vegan croissant,” said Frank Reed, CEO and Managing Partner of Amélie’s. “Chef Abdullah is an incredible pastry chef, and you’d never know his creations are vegan. We are so excited to give our customers what they have been asking for and to introduce Amelie’s brand to a new customer base.”  

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Header Photo: Joshua Vasko